Bonnaroo Survival Kit

Maps, directions this is the route we are taking:
Extra Batteries for phone, camera, radio
phone chargers
lap top cords
Camera, film, memory cards

Camp Essentials :

Tent stakes!!!! It can be WINDY over there.
Rug for outside tent door
Mattress, Sleeping bags, Cots
Sheets- to sit on, sleeping, shade, camp decorating
Chairs-if you plan to bring to music venues needs to be low to the ground
Lantern, Flashlight, Headlamp
1 plate and fork/knife/spoon that you can bring with you and reuse for all 5 days!!! Check out OGE they might have a kit.
Pocket Knife

Bubbles, Hoola hoops, Frisbees, hackie sack, fire sticks….toys

Shredders Campsite essentials (please put your name next to items you can bring so we do not duplicate and email back to all):

Flag and Pole to name/mark our camp
Buckets for washing up/rinsing etc
Solar shower
Duct tape, Zip ties, Clothes pins, clothes line
Compost bucket
kitchen towels/cloth napkins
Toilet paper (I think we’ll have plenty of this!)
Coffee (Should have plenty of this too)
jugs of water

Just In Case:

First aid kit:
Essential oils of Tea tree or lavender (antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial)
Nux Vomica (homeopathic for nausea)
Arnica gel/arnica pellets homeopathic for bruises, sprains etc.
Home made anti-itch tincture or get one at the Coop works magic: Cayenne, vinegar or alcohol (mix in and put on a bug bite)
Bug spray

Suggested menu for the trip down (try and get as many items that are available in bulk):

Home made Sushi Nori rolls: (how to roll sushi roll)

one packet of Nori
Sushi rice
Avocado, cucumber, green onion
Wasabi, pickled gignger

You can add wasabi and ginger into the roll before you roll it up, so you won’t need to bring it.

Quinoa salad: Quinoa is wicked rich in protein! Here is the story of quinoa
2 cups of quinoa (this will make a lot ie. Will feed two people for 2 days)
1-2 tomatoes or a box of cherry tomatoes
Red onion
Red pepper
Kalamata olives
Your fave vinaigrette dressing
Either mint/basil/cilantro (depending what flavah you like best)

Cook quinoa, add chopped veggies and herbs and mix in the dressing and voila!

Falafel: (get in bulk falafel mix at your local coop/health food store)

Mix it, fry it and voila! Optional bring pita bread and make pita pockets with falafel and quinoa salad, and some vinaigrette. Yum!

Granola in bulk and bulk powdered almond/goat/cow milk
Fruit that keeps-apples (local), oranges, grapefruit, pineapple

Cheese wrapped in wax (keeps better), Cheese traders might be able to give good advice on this!
Nuts, peanuts, home made trail mix
Frozen Bottles of drinking water
in bulk Emergen-C or similar thing
French press-es, we plan to do cold brew

Personal Stuff:

Comfy shoes
Flip flops
Soap/Shampoo-think Dr. Bronners (versatile for body, dishes, clothes)
Hair Ties
Deodorant/essential oil
Extra underwear
Bathing suit
Warm sweatshirt
Shorts, Skirt, Tanks, T's
Rain ponchos
Rain boots
Extra shoes
Safety Pins
Yoga matt

Centeroo Essentials:

Large water bottle to refill at Water Stations
Low chairs-you can not have a chair that’s high off the ground at music venues
Hand sanitizer
Pen and paper
Schedule and guidebook
Cell phone

Check out the Bonnarro site for what not to bring like: No Glass, No kegs, No 55 gal drums etc.